Famous commercial photographers?

Nick Dunne is a gastronomic, conceptual and commercial photographer based in London. He is also the owner of Studio 59 on Old Bethnal Green Road and is represented by Trapdoor Agency. David LaChapelle is also known for creating CD covers, his clientele being the most famous stars, such as Elton John, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Macy Gray, No Doubt, Moby and many others. An expert commercial photographer and digital retoucher who has accumulated more than 10 years of experience, Ian is a master of product, fashion and beauty photography.

You can see the representation of his expertise in a long series of advertising campaigns that were screened all over the world. Ian Abela is a self-taught legend who not only takes pictures, but also retouches them to achieve the exact look he wants. Thanks to his studio in Paris and his first-class team, this French photographer has everything he needs to manage every step of a commercial photography project, regardless of the brand he works with. Bruno spent his early years in Ascona, a beautiful small town in Switzerland.

When he turned 19, Bisang enrolled at the Zurich School of Applied Arts for Photography and later received a photography scholarship. After 1979, Bruno mainly offered his services as a freelance photographer in Zurich, Milan and Munich. Today, Bisang receives orders from world-famous brands in Milan, New York, Zurich and Paris. Erik Almas is one of the most famous advertising photographers on the planet.

Born and raised in Norway, he eventually moved to the United States to master photography. One of Erik's strangest facts is that he had no passion for photography or art as a child and his decision to start a career in photography and move to the United States was quite spontaneous. This photographic manipulation artist graduated from the Academic University of Art in 1999 and began to use everything he learned from his teachers to create impressive images. Almas works mainly in the genres of advertising, lifestyle, landscape, fashion and fine art photography.

Tim is a world-renowned photographer who is valued for his creative approach and conceptual vision. Tadder can even be found in the list of the 200 best photographers in the world prepared by the popular magazine Lurzer Archive. Since his father was a sculptor, Dimitri has developed body awareness from a young age, which over time has become a fascination with texture and materiality. .

Sharad is the only photographer in Asia to have won 21 honorable mentions, 2 bronze, silver and gold at the International Photography Awards. He also won the Silver Lion at Cannes, was nominated for D%26AD and received the title of Photographer of the Year in India. It is part of the list of the 200 best photographers in the world by Luerzer's Archive and has many other awards. When he's not busy creating stunning photographs, Sharad works in an advertising store: 1pointsize.

Dana is one of the most famous advertising photographers in Los Angeles and has more than 20 years of professional experience behind him. Hursey is an incredibly versatile artist who is not limited to a single genre and can confidently work on large-scale still life and landscape projects with equal success. Hursey has received acclaim for both his commercial and artistic photography, and his work has featured prominently in solo exhibitions both in the United States and around the world. Dana holds the title of one of “L, A.

Professional commercial advertising photographer for more than ten years, Ian Abela specialized in product photography, fashion and beauty. He exports his knowledge to numerous advertising campaigns and exports his images all over the world. This 39-year-old self-taught artist has been experimenting with photography since childhood and quickly associates it with digital retouching to expand his creative field. Completely autonomous thanks to his Parisian studio and digital equipment, Ian Abela keeps the recording in post-production, the only one that appears in his films.

Yes, it's worth hiring a commercial photographer for your business or product shoot. The benefits of hiring a professional in the field of commercial photography can never be overemphasized to help you take good pictures. commercial photographers will help you showcase your products in a professional manner and make it easier for potential customers to understand your business. A lot of outstanding work, but I am surprised that the best Canadian commercial photographer, Shawn Talbot, has been lost.

In today's visual world, most consumer brands need commercial photographs for their marketing activities. Greg Powers is a photographer based in New York who takes commercial, advertising, fashion and editorial photographs. It's important that the person you choose to work with is a professional and has relevant experience in commercial photography. A commercial photographer simply helps customers take professional photos so that the company can efficiently advertise their products or services.

Erik Johansson's work has appeared internationally in different publications around the world and his clients include Microsoft, Volvo, National Geographic, Aishti, Google, as well as other famous clients and brands that are widely known to many people around the world. Dana is also the current president of APA (American Photographic Artists), the country's leading defense organization for commercial photographers. Commercial photography, also sometimes known as advertising photography, is used for the purpose of creating images to market and promote products. Rob Grimm, also known as RGG, especially on social media, is a commercial photographer who began taking photographs at a young age, since he was only eight years old when he used his camera for the first time to document a family trip.

Whether you're promoting designer products, cosmetics, food, accessories, or fashion items, working with a top-notch commercial photographer will be helpful when it comes to efficiency and quality of results. .

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