What makes photography unique?

Some images include time as an icon, others use time as a symbol. Finding a story to tell is an important factor in defining a style. It can be as simple as a beautiful image, a visually impressive place or something more emotional, a direct photographic journalistic story. Adding this personalized depth to images really helps them stand out from the rest.

Add more key details (or maybe less?) Take the viewer to the story you're portraying. Research and understanding can play an important role in this factor. The more details and stories you know before you go shooting, they will be reflected in the final images. With the arrival of new photographers in your area from what seems to come out of nowhere, the idea of leaving your mark on the world of photography may seem unrealistic.

Although this may seem obvious, choosing the subject is the first step in creating unique photos. Another way to make your photos unique is to simply choose your location wisely. If you're a studio photographer, carefully selecting backgrounds, lighting settings, and atmosphere will help you instantly differentiate yourself. Start thinking about locations and settings where your subject matter best fits, and then you can set out on the path to originality in your work as a photographer.

Have you noticed how some of your favorite photographers have a particular style and “feel” in their photos? Most of the time it comes from the target they shoot at, with 26%, most of them are left with a few targets to achieve their individual style. Being picky about the aperture from a non-technical point of view will give your photos the uniqueness you so desire. Once you've chosen your arsenal of lenses, deciding how you want to shoot with them is a key component of your unique shooting style. The lighting of your photographs will be the key to creating your own unique photos (if you know how to apply it, of course).

As a photographer, light is your best friend, so get to know it very well. Last but not least, your editing will set the tone for your final work and complete your entire vision. Using all of the things listed above and putting them together in post-processing will make the photos perfectly unique. Extreme manipulations, albeit artistic, enter the world of graphic arts and many would say that they lose their place as a purely photographic art.

For example, if you're photographing a person, you can focus on their outstretched hand or a lock of hair. A lot of images don't fit my subject, but you can't always make artistic images and I like to photograph other things from time to time.

Laurie Cullins
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